Web design and positive reinforcement

I’ve been lurking on the business forums again.


This time I’ve been reading website reviews, something that members of the forum can request from other members.


Someone simply posts the link to their site, and the others tell them how it can be improved.


The odd thing is that the site owners then very rarely take the advice on board.


They’ll get a reply saying something like: “you should change the layout, no-one can find the link to buy your product”, but then totally ignore it.


They’ll then often try to justify why they’ve made a terrible design choice, as if the other users “don’t get” their vision, and it makes total sense in their own head.


What’s the point in asking for feedback when you have no intention of using it?


Either that or the reality of redesigning things or going back to their web designer seems like too much hard work.


Or maybe they were looking for positive reinforcement rather than criticism?


One thing it proves is that web design isn’t easy, and is something you may have to keep coming back to in order to get right (if you’re willing!).


But naturally, you need to start somewhere before tweaking the minor details.


Here’s something that can help you get your business online:


Have a good weekend!