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Engage for Profit eBook – now available on Amazon

Did you know that Made Not Born MD Neil Atkinson has a book out?   You do now – Engage for Profit is available on Amazon as an eBook for only 99p, or for free if you’re a Kindle Unlimited customer.   The book looks into the benefits of employee engagement, and how it can […]

Financial issues that keep you awake No.1 – Managing cash flow

We’re finally at the end of this week’s countdown of the top 6 finance-related issues that keep business owners awake at night!   It’s also World Sleep Day, so it’s worked out perfectly. In case you haven’t been reading up to now (boo) here’s the rest of the list:   Being as tax efficient as […]

Financial issues that keep you awake No.2 – Being as tax efficient as possible

Trying to be as tax efficient as possible is a big concern keeping business owners awake.   That’s according to KPMG’s survey of 250 business leaders, where it placed 2nd on the list of financial issues depriving entrepreneurs of sleep.   10.9% said it is a current issue but haven’t addressed it yet.   28.9% […]

Financial issues that keep you awake No.3 – Understanding your business’s profitability

We’re down to number 3 on our countdown of financial issues that affect business owners’ sleep patterns.   This time round, KPMG found from their survey of 250 business leaders that not understanding the profitability of their business was a big concern.   28.5% said it was a current concern that they were working to […]

Financial issues that keep you awake No.4 – Not knowing how your business is performing

According to KPMG Small Business Accounting’s recent survey, the 4th most common financial issue that affects the sleep patterns of business owners is not having an up-to-date picture of business performance.   Luckily, this seems to be a problem that a lot of the business leaders have been proactive in trying to resolve.   2.6% […]