The recruitment process blues

I’ve just been reading an interesting debate on the business forums.


It’s about how a builder is really struggling to find – and retain – a new employee for their firm.


In his own words: “I’m currently trying to recruit a new joiner but just can’t seem to find anyone suitable.


“I’m offering decent money and conditions. I’ve had a few guys out on trial who just weren’t good, and another few who’ve lasted a day then said it wasn’t for them.


“I can’t work out why. We’re a good team and all the guys I have are pleasant and polite. We do work hard, maybe some people just want an easy life!”


This query got a good response from the message board, with several reasons as to why things hadn’t worked out.


Here are a few:


  • Good staff are hard to come by
  • Maybe your company benefits aren’t as good as you think
  • Try getting an apprentice (he’d already tried)
  • Pay more for a more experienced employee


Fair suggestions, but it wasn’t until later that someone said what I’d been thinking – maybe the recruitment process needed tightening up.


When it comes down to it, if you’re employing people who aren’t right for your company, people aren’t going to stick around.


Employing the wrong person costs money, takes up valuable time, and puts a strain on other employees who have to take on the burden of extra work.


And you keep having to repeat the process, as this business owner found out.


There are so many stages where the recruitment process goes wrong.


By the sounds of this, it could be anywhere from writing an accurate job description and posting an advert where applicants can find it, to filtering out candidates who are completely unsuited through interviews.


But how to do all this right first time?


Find out here:



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