Engage for Profit eBook – now available on Amazon

Did you know that Made Not Born MD Neil Atkinson has a book out?


You do now – Engage for Profit is available on Amazon as an eBook for only 99p, or for free if you’re a Kindle Unlimited customer.


The book looks into the benefits of employee engagement, and how it can give your business committed employees, increased productivity, fewer absences, increased loyalty and more ‘brand ambassadors’.


It’ll also explore the following:


  • How grievances can actually be good for your company
  • The tell-tale habits of a bad manager
  • Why employees being at work isn’t always the best case scenario
  • How your workplace environment can affect staff sickness rates
  • What you can do to get to the root of any problems within your business


It might be the best 99p you ever spend!


Download it right here:





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